Style is everything when it comes to choosing the right photographer.  If you hire a photographer whose style does not match your own, it won’t even matter how incredibly “talented” the photographer is, YOU won’t be happy with your photos.  It’s very important to know what style you like and to choose a photographer who shoots that particular style.  There are hundreds of amazing photographers located in my area.  So if my style doesn’t fit you, that’s okay.  There’s a photographer out there with the style that will.

My Style:
I shoot Lifestyle Portraits.  I am a fully “on-location” photographer, which means I don’t do studio photography.  I love outdoor photos the most, but I also enjoy shooting indoors if the lighting is right.  I mostly use natural light and natural settings.  My style is very casual, candid, relaxed, and non-traditional.  I love to see people for who they are.  So getting to know your personality during the shoot is important to me.  I’m also not a high pressure, hurry-it-up-and-get-the-shot photographer.  There are photographers who can have you in and out in under 30min and your images ready within the hour.  But that’s not me.  I take my time to get the right look, the right angle, and the right light because photography is not just a business to me, it’s an extension of who I am and the gifts God has given me.  So relax and be yourself at your session so I can capture the REAL you.