Jerry and Helen {+12}

So it's been literally YEARS since my extended family has had photos done all together.  We're all just so busy that we never get around to scheduling it.  But this year we decided to make it a priority.  My sister picked a location in NE and I met them all there to do the shoot.  My Uncle even flew all the way from Hong Kong just to be our shutter-button-man for the large group photo!  Okay, so he was already in town for a family reunion, but hey.  It turned out to be a pretty cold day, so we all made a big effort to get everything done as quickly as possible.  My dad drove the vehicle up close to the location and everyone piled in between shots to get warm.  Despite the weather we were still able to get some good shots, and my mom was absolutely THRILLED to have pictures of everyone together.

This is my sister with her family.  (She's the firstborn.)

 And then came my brother and his family.

 And finally to finish the shoot, my sister stepped into my camerawoman shoes and snapped this great pic of my family on the right.  Thanks Sis!

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